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“Many vendors will perform well during the excitement of the first few weeks when new projects begin; however, most start slacking after a while. Not so with this Team. We have been using South Transcription for a couple of years now and without fail, they have always delivered. South Transcriptionists are reliable, communicate well, they uphold their commitment and they are easy and very pleasant to do business with.”

Ken Reimer | Managing Partner

“Reliable, accurate, and timely – three words that best describe the service provided by South Transcription. We started working with them in 2012, and were immediately impressed with their dedication to quality and ability to learn quickly. South Transcription's operators must connect to our network in order to perform their work. We have a fairly complex technical environment, but it only took their people a few days to become fully productive. I should also add they have a “whatever-it-takes” attitude -- no job is too big or too small, and as an added bonus, they are a good value. South Transcription is a great business partner, and I cannot say enough good things about them."

Alan Bandell | President

“South Transcription has provided my educational site with commendably accurate transcriptions delivered in a timely manner. Email correspondence has been entirely professional. South is also quite good at transcribing relatively nuanced forms of communication such as proper nouns (personalities, places, organizations, ideas) and various idiomatic expressions unique to American English. Highly recommended."

Michael E. Eidenmuller, Ph.D. | Founder/Owner
American Rhetoric, USA